MakerJuice SF for the Form 1+/2 - 3D Printing Resin (1L)

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This is a blend of SF made for the Form 1+/2 printers. All prints using any of the colors for the Form 1+/2 should be done using the PreForm “Black 2” setting. For Form 2 printers, you must put the printer in "Open Mode."

SF is a great blend that provides slightly more flex than G+, while maintaining fast print speeds and accuracy.  SF is ideal for printing any part that needs to be hard while not being brittle.

SF has a high pigment concentration which produces bright and opaque printed parts, due to the higher viscosity the pigment does not settle out as fast. 

SF, like all of our resins, cures under UV A, B, and C light up to around 420nm. You can cure it with a DLP projector, a UV laser, or UV leds. When using UV lasers or LEDs, the cure time is extremely fast, so you don’t need much power.

This resin is low odor and contains zero VOC.