Peopoly Nex Resin - Clear (1kg)

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Peopoly Model Nex Resin - Clear is designed for higher resolution and smooth finishes.  It is favored by many sculptors and modelers for final products or mold making. The clear is very easy to print and post process, greatly reduce finish time. 

- High hardness

- High Resolution

- Low shrinkage

- Great surface finish

- Easy on the PDMS layer

- Easy to sand and paint

- Handles up to 140 C 


Material characteristic 
Viscosity (cps at 25c)  550-600
Liquid Density (g/cm3)  1.14
Hardness (Shore D)   82 
Tensile Strength at Break (Mpa)  62
Elongation at Break (%)      9
Young’s Modulus (MPa)     1000